Privacy Policy & Terms of Sales

Terms of online membership application and luncheon ticket and catalogue voucher purchases.

You acknowledge on behalf of yourself and any other person for whom you apply for membership that any data that you provide will be held by the Association to enable the processing of your membership.

Your name (but no other information) will be included in the list of members in the Show Catalogue and/or Show Guide (as appropriate).

Your data will not normally be shared with anyone else but may be required to be shared lawfully with Government Offices, Charity Commission and Companies’ House.

Please add the names of all additional members in the “Delivery notes or additional comments” box at checkout.

When you apply to become a member you also apply to become a member of Stithians Agricultural Association Limited and as such, you accept a guarantee liability in the sum of £1 (one pound) to be paid in the event of an insolvent winding up of the Company.

Membership is not refundable under any circumstances.

N.B. Your membership badge(s) will be posted to you in late May/early June with the members’ newsletter or upon receipt of your application if later.

Life Members are sent a current year badge with the Spring Newsletter each year.

Life Membership is valid for the lifetime of the named member only. 
The Association may, from time to time, seek confirmation of this. 
It is the Life Members’ responsibility to keep the Association informed of any changes of address, e-mail or telephone numbers.

Forward parking is subject to availability and only available prior to 11 a.m. on Show Day. Forward parking passes MUST be clearly displayed on the windscreen (flat on the dash board will not suffice.)

Junior Members may attend general meetings of members but are not entitled to vote.

Junior members do not qualify for forward parking.

Specific conditions relating to the purchase of luncheon tickets:

Luncheon tickets are sold as Agent for the operator of the Farmers’ Kitchen. No refunds will be made for unused tickets.

Purchasers are responsible for contacting the caterer regarding specific dietary requests at least five days before the Show.

Specific conditions relating to the purchase of Catalogue/Guide vouchers:

You must exchange your voucher for a catalogue or guide on Show Day. No refunds will be made for vouchers which are not exchanged on the day but by contacting within 7 days of the Show arrangements may be made to collect your copy from a mutually agreed location or to have it posted to you subject to your paying the postage costs.

Delivery of Membership passes, luncheon tickets and catalogue/guide vouchers.

Membership passes, luncheon tickets and Guide/Catalogue vouchers will be forwarded by second class mail to the address provided in the purchase application.

For purchases made within seven days of the Show date the passes, tickets and vouchers will need to be collected from the Secretary’s Office on the Showground during office hours and no later than 3 p.m. on the Sunday before the Show.