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Stithians Show depends entirely upon a huge team of amazing volunteers that work through the year in order to bring you one incredible day out

- and we have plenty of laughs, pasties and cake along the way!

Stithians Agricultural Association is the official title given to the registered charity and limited company that owns the 75 acre site on which the annual show is held. The Association is managed by the Board of Trustees (around 50 people) that meet several times during the year, not only to plan the annual agricultural show, but also to successfully manage the showground. In addition to the Trustees are individuals and committees that are responsible for organising the different sections of our show and in turn the hundreds of people that willingly give up their time in order to steward and support the running of the show day. It is a vast effort; one that is difficult to comprehend the scale of and one which requires tremendous gratitude for without the volunteers, the show simply couldn’t exist

Would you like to become involved?

There are so many opportunities to be part of this exciting team and enjoy companionship and fun; from a few hours stewarding on show day to becoming a Trustee of our charity - there is something for everybody. If you would like to learn more about our Association or think you would like to get involved, contact 01209861073 or

And don't forget to join our Association!

Become a charity Trustee

Do you have what it takes to become a Trustee?

In order to take the Association successfully into the future, we need enthusiastic and innovative people, ideally with a background in business to join our Board of Trustees. You'll need to be committed to attending several meetings a year, develop an understanding of the Association, it's function and be supportive of its values whilst acting reasonably and responsibly in the making of collective decisions.

Meet some of our fantastic team members...
Meet Chris pic

Meet Chris

Show job:
Chief Showyard Director
Day job: Electrician

"Showtime is better than Christmas to me! It's such an exciting and inspiring place to be, I am like a child on Christmas morning when the show finally arrives. All the build up is so worthwhile when you see all the happy faces and I feel so proud to think I helped make that happen."

Meet Shuan pic

Meet Shaun

Show job:
Day job: Auctioneer

"I really enjoy being part of Stithians Show, it always has so much going drawing big crowds, which makes it very exciting. I'm proud of my role and the show and hope I'm able to improve on the visitor experience and keep the main ring running really smoothly."

Meet Linda pic

Meet Linda

Show job:
Welcomes visitors to the show.
Day job: Bank Manager

"It is a great opportunity to get out and support my local community, putting something back, meeting new people, having fun and enjoying the experience of working with other organisations. My picture proves that it doesn't always rain and bank managers can smile!"

Meet Susan pic

Meet Susan

Show job:
Horticulture Chairman
Day job: Retired

"I've been involved in the show all my life and delight at the excitement at showtime! I love the friendship and community spirit that the show brings and I'm always pleased to welcome new faces to the Horticulture team."

In 1994, Jack R. Williams wrote the following poem in his book 'Stithians Agricultural Association - The First 160 Years' and it very much continues to ring true:

"It is my firm belief that the first class condition in which we find our Show today is due in no small measure to the dedicated voluntary effort of its many, many devoted Officers, Officials and helpers."