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Historic Vehicles, tractors, motor bikes, steam engines, stationary engines


There is always a strong entry of classic and vintage cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, tractors, steam engines (traction engines), stationary engines and associated historic farm equipment for the visitor to enjoy.

Each area of the displays has a dedicated organiser - details on our contact list - see below.

Vintage/ Historic Car display

I am now in my second year as Car Secretary at Stithians Show.

With the limited space available numbers are restricted to approximately 25 vehicles. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to exhibit (see contact note below).

I am particularly keen to encourage new and young people in addition to our regulars. The main criteria for entry, from my point of view, is not to have a duplication of the same type / model of car but a broad cross section which varies from year to year, and to encourage the public down to the lower end of the show ground.

This year and to help keep the display fresh I am including a small corner display of cars which are still vintage but are from Heritage stock car, trials and hill climb era as a one off, and to help attract interest, with possibly a video loop of some of these cars in action on a screen.

David Braddon

Commercial Vehicles:

For each show I attempt to provide a different display of 10 to 12 classic commercials over 25yrs old anything from a Mini to a full size Artic.

If you have not exhibited here before (or not in the last 2 yrs) I would be pleased to hear from you on 01209 890362. As space is limited please book early to secure an entry.

Martin Caddy

Please click here for contact details should you wish to exhibit at the Show.